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Preferred Commercial Capital, LLC

Commercial Mortgage Platform,

providing lending solutions to businesses. 

Welcome to Preferred Commercial Capital 

Offering a full range of innovative commercial real estate lending programs 

Preferred Commercial Capital, LLC is a commercial real estate lending brokerage firm focused on finding lending solutions for commercial borrowers.  PCC provides borrowers with superior service to source the best financing options for them. PCC leverages relationships with banks and institutional lenders to find the best products and pricing for its clients. In many cases, the loans offered are competitively priced, while saving the borrower time.  Shopping for a loan can be time-consuming.  PCC does the legwork for you while providing you access to lenders in their network. Average closing within 30-45 days. 

Currently, PCC sources lenders nationwide for commercial real estate loans with fast closings and strong rates. PCC has extensive experience in servicing, asset management and special asset management of commercial and commercial real estate loans. 

Built to Scale as Your Company Grows

PCC brokers commercial real estate loans nationwide from $250,000 to $10,000,000. The loans are processed, underwritten and closed with lending relationships established by PCC nationally. Closings can average 30-45 days. Cash-out, acquisition, refinance, owner-occupied, special-use commercial loans available.



Leveraging Team Expertise for Better Project Solutions

PCC’s team has significant lending, investment, asset management, servicing, finance of loans and operating experience in commercial real estate.  The team has underwritten commercial real estate loan assets and loan portfolios through various market cycles.    

Woman-owned, funded, and operated business.

Here are some of our key characteristics.

Maintaining our flawless business reputation is our number one priority.


Experienced and able to underwrite and structure complex loans.


Adjustable terms to be ideal for each individuals borrower’s scenario

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